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Feminist Women’s Health Center

FWHC is a reproductive health clinic and reproductive justice organization. We provide reproductive health care including abortion and we engage in movement building with people across all axes of oppression so that we have the rights, resources, and respect to make empowered, informed decisions about our own bodies and health.

We envision compassionate, judgment-free health care, abortion access, and bodily autonomy for all who need it, intentionally centering Black people, Indigenous people, and the TGNC+ community. We imagine clinics, legislation, and communities where our decisions about our bodies, pregnancy, sexuality, family, and safety are honored, protected, and treated with dignity.

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A set of 6 premium limited edition cookies for every season. Get them while you can. For Summer. Inspired by beaches, summer camp, and family reunions - Day Dreams, Bonfires, and Carolinas. 

For every Seasonal Batch we donate $5 to the cause of your choice. 

Our original batch 4 flavors; 3 cookies each, a little something for everyone. Twilights, Landslides, Nanas and Cosmos. Plus one surprise cookie for good luck.

For every Lucky Batch we donate $10 to the cause of your choice.

Five of each of our favorite cookies: Twlights, Nanas, Cosmos, Saturday Mornings, Day Dreams, Landslides, and Bonfires, plus one surprise cookie to fight over.

For every Party Batch we donate $20 to the cause of your choice.

The Cookies