We're Building a Better Bake Sale

Lucky Batch is an online bake sale

where $10 from each batch goes directly to your school. We give you everything you need to get your school excited: e-mails, social posts, posters, stickers for the kids plus a calendar of when to send and post. We bake the cookies and send them fresh, right to your friends and family.

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If your school is fundraising with Lucky Batch, search below to find their storefront and start ordering!

Just Want Delicious Cookies?

You got it! For every batch you order, $10 will be donated to our Community Batch: This month we are supporting CASA NYC - advocates for children and youth who have experienced abuse or neglect.

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How it Works

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We Create

a storefront for your school on luckybatch.com


We Provide

everything you need to promote the fundraiser


Family & Friends

buy cookies on your school’s storefront


Cookies Are Baked

and delivered directly to your friends & family


$10 from every batch

and $5 from every half batch goes directly to your school

Baking This Month
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Who Are We?
Meg Grace
Chief Cookie Officer
Kathleen Grace
Chief Executive Officer