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Austin Parks Foundation

Founded in 1992, Austin Parks Foundation (APF) is dedicated to partnering with our community to enhance people’s lives by making our public parks, trails and green spaces better through volunteerism, innovative programming, advocacy and financial support.

Though 2020 brought many challenges, Austin Parks Foundation is proud of the triumphs we were able to gain for our parks. Among the highlights are:

  • Transforming the Parks Summit from an in-person day of learning into a monthly series of important virtual conversations viewed by 2,500 park enthusiasts.

  • Continuing our legacy of stewardship via safe in-person and virtual volunteer opportunities resulting in nearly $530,000 worth of volunteer labor

  • Completing 13 park improvement projects including Georgain Acres Park, Colony Park District Park, Alliance Children’s Garden and Comal Pocket Park

  • We also re-committed to our work of building more equity in Austin's parks, and doing the personal and organizational anti-racism work needed to bring justice and liberation to our community.

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