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We Create

a storefront for your school on


We Provide

everything you need to promote the fundraiser


Family & Friends

buy cookies on your school’s storefront


Cookies Are Baked

and delivered directly to your friends & family


$10 from every batch

and $5 from every half batch goes directly to your school

Cookie FAQs

Fundraising FAQs




Who is behind Lucky Batch?

We're two sisters who got fed up with school bake sales that were difficult to organize and raised only a few dollars. Lucky Batch is our delicious solution.

Meg is our Chief Cookie Officer and mastermind behind combinations like The Landslides - An extra buttery sugar cookie make with crushed butter crackers and a jammy center. In her former life, Meg was the Chef/Owner of the Redhead, an East Village, NYC staple, and has worked with the likes of Wolfgang Puck, Danny Meyer, and Jose Andres.

Kathleen is the CEO and brings her experience as an ex-Google, tech media executive, and founder to organize everything behind the scenes at Lucky Batch (she’s in it for the cookies).

We believe doing good should taste good.

Tell me about these cookies...

Lucky Batch cookies are baked in Brooklyn, shipped nationwide within 12 hours, & individually wrapped to keep them fresh. They are made from real butter, King Arthur Flours, Valrhona Chocolate, and real vanilla. Lucky Batch cookies are just sweet enough so you can enjoy the flavor combinations Chef Meg has whipped up.

Can I pick my cookies flavors?

We bake 4 varieties at a time. Our Lucky Batch comes with 3 cookies of each flavor. For a half batch, you can select 2 flavors and you get 3 of each flavor. The Lucky Batch comes with a Lucky 13th cookie - a surprise flavor that Chef Meg is working on that week!

How many cookies are in a batch?

There are 12 cookies plus 1 Lucky Batch surprise cookie in each batch. There are 6 cookies in a half- batch.

What about allergies?

Cookie ingredients and allergens can be found on our site, here. While we make every effort to separate ingredients, we do bake with common allergens including wheat, daily, eggs, and nuts, so cross-contamination is possible.

How are the cookies shipped?

Cookies are shipped via UPS within 12 hours of baking. They are individually wrapped to ensure freshness.

Does pricing include tax and shipping?

Tax and shipping vary depending on your location and are added during checkout.